Réparation d'arbre éolienne - Nickel | APRÈSNickel Selective Plating

Metal selective plating is a popular process used on machinery and objects with up to RC 54 harness levels. Metallic plating provides a multitude of benefits such as increased conductivity, repair and refurbishment, strength, and durability. Brush plating is a process often used in the marine, oil or aeronautical industry.

The Process

The process regarding portable brush plating involves the application of the metallic solution to a localized area of the equipment. Instead of completely submerging an object in a plate bath, this process is conducted through the use of a handheld anode used to apply the electrolyte or plating solution.

Advantages of Selective Plating

Selective or brush plating is becoming a more preferable process due to various reasons that trump processes such as plate baths, or immersion tanks. Without the use of an immersion tank, brush plating is the more portable and selected method. This method is most suitable when attempting to coat a specific area, when the object lacks mobility, or when machinery is not an appropriate size for an immersion tank. Production delay with machinery is minimized considering that rapid and mobile on-site process of selective plating. Selective plating is favoured over immersion environmentally speaking, due to a decrease in chemical usage, power consumption, and salvaged worn parts. Learn more about our nickel electroplating services in Alberta.