Portable system & mobile shop

Portable system

Small equipment components are usually dismant led and shipped to our nearest specialized workshop. Larger parts, however, generate significant constraints because of their size, weight and especially the logistics required for their transport , which generates very high costs. Kaytek CSP portable selective electrowinning systems enable on-site work without dismantling and adapt to various component configurations.

Our specialized technicians will perform their jobs safely because our process requires no heat and the small amounts of used solutions generated are fully recovered… no impact on safety and the environment!

Autonomous mobile shop

When the number of parts to be metallized and difficult or very expensive transport logistics justify it, our fully autonomous mobile workshop can go on site and carry out all the necessary work, even without access to services such as water or electricity.

In addition, although often not required, certain machining steps must be performed before, during and after the completion of the work for some type of components or according to their state of deterioration. Kaytek CSP’s mobile service offering ensures the complete completion of the required work in an integrated form.

  • Workshop integrated in a truck with 26 feet closed box completely insulated
  • Generation of electricity
  • Fixed unit of selective electrolytic metallization
  • Mobile selective electrolytic metallization system
  • Mobile machining system
  • Water supply system
  • Waste solution recovery system
  • Custom anode manufacturing system