Health & Safety, Environment & Sustainability

Today’s organizations face significant challenges when making choices that will have a positive impact on safety, the environment and sustainable development. Kaytek CSP, like the other divisions of Kaytek, has therefore chosen to target the technologies and methods that meet these three criteria; they are an integral part of the company’s core values.

Current and future technologies need to be safe, have a positive impact on the environment and aim for the wise use of resources for sustainable development.

  • One of the most environmentally friendly processes in the industry
  • Clean and safe work environment
  • Process performed at room temperature (does not require or generate any heat)
  • By-products fully recovered and disposed in a responsible manner (Holding a waste disposal log)
  • Quantity of chemical solution required significantly reduced compared to tank electrochemical metallization
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Very small amount of new metals or alloys required
  • Recovery of equipment components by increasing their durability instead of disposing of them