Properties & technical overview


Selective electrochemical metallization offers unique features that achieve the various physical, chemical, and elect rical propert ies required to achieve the desired results.

  • Dense = no occlusions or weaknesses
  • Pure = no impurity carried
  • Controlled Structure = no stucco firing
  • Finished substrate mirror surfaces = less machining required
  • Atomic bond = integral recovery, excellent adhesion


  • The “brushing” action modifies the layers of hydrodynamic bonds at the surface causing a rapid solution movement
  • The high speed of the solution restores metalions to the surface more quickly
  • Hydrogen gas bubbles are removed by the brushing action and the high speed of the solution
  • The “brushing” action integrates the deposit on the surface as it forms
  • Selective electrochemical metallization allows easy control of overlap application exactly where required on the part or equipment component